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Almost everyday in my life i meet with different people. But this one was really interesting. He is a taxi driver. I took a cab from Wangsa Maju to Damansara. It was just 20 minutes journey.

“Orang Malaysia sekarang  payah, semua tak faham Islam. Itu la pasal kita tak maju2..asyik tertindas”.

Saya:”Oh yeke. Cane pulak tu.”

“Org Islam tak kenal tuhan betul2. Kalau kite tak kenal tuhan, mcm mane tuhan nak tolong. Itu la pasal kite mundur mcm ni. Cube adik fikir kalau masa sembahyang Jumaat, apa imam bace doa?”

Saya: “Doa yg biase tu la.”

“Imam bace, Ya Allah Ya Tuhan Kami. Kita mana ada tuhan. Kita ada hanya Allah. Tuhan tu lain. Orang cina ada tuhan, org india ada tuhan. Itu salah. Kita tak ada Tuhan. Kita ada hanya Allah.”

Saya: “Tuhan tu just translation aje. Dalam bahasa arab pun ada, ada Ilah dan Rabb. Itu maksudnya tuhan juga.”

“Tak, kita hanya ada Allah. Mana boleh Tuhan2. Kalau tak kita tak kenal Allah betul2 kalau guna Tuhan. Kemudian, orang biasa tahu ada 2 kalimah syahadah. Tp sebenarnya lain 2 kalimah syahadah dan kalimah syahadah.

Saya:” Apa lak bezanya?”

“2 kalimah syahadah ada Asyhadu an……… Kalimah Syahadah tu just Lailaha illallah…….Orang baru nak masuk Islam jer bace 2 kalimah syahadah.”

Saya:” Abg ni belajar kat mana ni? Ada ke macam tu. Yg asyhadu tu perakuan je. Tak kesah la nak sebut ke tanak.”

“Eyh dik, abg belajar ngan 4 org guru. Guru pertama abg boleh pergi langit pertama, kedua, ketiga, keempat, kelima,keenam pastu ketujuh. Lagi hebat dari Syeikh Muszaphar. Dia pergi bulan je.”

Saya:”Wah2. Hebat.”

I am pretty sure the rest of the conversation is rather easy to be predicted. About all “ajaib stuff” and many karamahs. I know that everything happens in my life has it purpose. To teach me. Make me learn something. Ponder upon my environment. Reminder of my mistakes and wrongdoings.

So what did i get from my meeting with this taxi driver?

  1. many people interested in Islam
  2. many Muslim are interested/believed in miraculous stuff which reflects their simplicity of reaching goals without hardwork.
  3. dakwah has to be strengthen to save aqidah umat Islam from ajaran sesat
  4. Islam never rule the world with “SUPERMAN” who fly up to seventh heaven
  5. it is time to replace Islam Orthodox view, which many based on “pondok teaching” and Mysticsm (Sufi)
  6. there are good Sufi and extreme Sufi. Beware. Tasawwuf is one part of Islam. It is neither to be rejected nor to be taken full attention.
  7. learn with trusted Ustazs.


  1. Tariqat. Semoga Allah bantu mereka semua.

  2. sevmek maksudnya “to love” in turkish. tapi la rouge dalam bahasa apa pula?

  3. masya-Allah, hidup yang penuh dugaan buat nta. ana doakan agar terus pada apa yang nta yakini. beginikah kelak hidup ana nnt? hmm..

  4. insya Allah..menceritakan pengalaman utk pengajaran..di samping kerja amal2 dakwah insya Allah..

    sevmek = to love yg lain lagi silakan cari lagi. 🙂

  5. Hmnn 🙂 wikipedia kan ada…

  6. is easy actually to guess but i dont know why ppl a bit confuse with that name…

  7. I think I have met with the taxi driver once when I was in Ampang last year.

    I quite understand the situation tough. The problem is when people tend to learn tasawwuf before they learn the firm Aqidah studies and Feqh. And the have failed to do as our Salaf i.e Imam Malik, Imam Syafie asked us to learn aqidah before we learn tasawwuf.

    But to generalize tariqah as a whole that is wrong is wrong itself with the principal and Islamic disciple itself and quite unfair.

    I myself has been skeptical, discussed, read all the contrary and pro’s of tareqah. Meanwhile also, we as a daie has to clearly has the ilmu sohih that is unbiased.

    btw: I’m also didn’t agreed with the point 5# which stated the word replaced , to tell the truth it quite hurtful statement to me. Not being a sensitive myself I never being to pondok2 lama, but I really appreciated their legacy. Of course there are some certain aspect to be improve but there are uphold the system of sanad that are mostly has been forget these day.

    InshAllah I will try to comment about sanad and dhwobit in Islamic traditional teaching later. The importance of sanad and dhobit is nowadays has been quite forgot and criticized by people and those who are studied only by books and certain ustaz.

    later inshAllah.

    Alakullihal, shukran

  8. salam

    btw: the pic is not mine, i don’t how did ti appeared in my name. Quite terrifying.

  9. good insight, i suppose. the word replace, hmm, i think has been misunderstood by many.

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