Posted by: ameersyuhada | Februari 24, 2008


I was very exhausted, drained out of energy. I looked upon my watch, how i rushed home. My 1 hour plus journey was not really comfy to me. I imagined, almost fallen to my sadness when i saw girls and women around me, jammed, packed in the public transport.

Why are they forced to work? And yet the pregnant woman still working although they are given maternity leave just before the labor period.

Why are they forced or, have to mingle, with man?  I know they do not like it.

Why are they, sorry to say, always fall to the curse of community?

Women is highly degraded, demeanize if they follow the man-made system. But yet, God’s law has proven itself to be the protector of women. Unfortunately, the misinterpretation of God’s law, again makes them the victim of ignorance.

I uphold, with my fullest responsibility that, we have to revive the genuine Islamic implementation in life so that everything cannot be misled.



  1. Do you think that women are not supposed to go to work? At all?

  2. sy rasa, saudara tidak bermaksud sedemikian. melihatkan tuntutan zaman ini, ramai perempuan yg lebih memilih utk bekerja sementara mgkn suami mereka memilih utk bergoyang kaki di rumah. siapa tahu? atau 1 orang yg bekerja, tidak dpt menampung kehidupan keluarga. harga brg stiasa naik, tak pernah turun.

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