Posted by: ameersyuhada | Mei 30, 2008


They call it shutdown or turnaround, probably a nightmare for many engineers and operators. It is also a “money valley” for many contractors. I went straight from KL, came down here for this nightmare. Unexpected, i could scribe a few words here.

I am always like this, being a not-so multitasking guy, but i am trying to be one. There are a lot of things that i need to prepare, and also so many things need my contributions.

Well then, it falls exactly on my head, that, all these responsibilities, are the tests for me.

I was thinking earlier that, there were so many incomplete, unfinished, imperfections in the systems, and began to be critical and unrealistic. Bombarding people with complaints and criticism.

After 6 months, with all my abilities and so-called talents, the responsibilities have surpassed my times and my charisma.

And that is the time when i fully agree with taking inside the weakness of men, and the limitations of ability of many.

And this is the time when, all the water splashes back to my face.

And in the midst of busyness, i found tranquility.

And in the several months of searching for reality, people judge me as hati kering. I dont really mind, but the fact is that i am not one, became evident to me to show i am a basah guy.

I am truly gentle-hearted person, there are many things that can simply invite my tears to flow, but the life has turned the external side of me to be tough and never give-up person.

Hardships from childhood made me like this. And i thanks Allah for that.

Oh Allah, Verily I love You, and with all my heart i seek Your love.



  1. my eyes shed a tear when reading this.
    sometimes its not just glory and greatness that people wants…or what we seek for…

    keep on walking, wi!

  2. bile la nak update nie…~

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