Posted by: ameersyuhada | April 13, 2009

The differences

Nay, it is not the typical firqah talk.

Nay, it is not the rhetorical lovable issue-making controversies.

Nay, it is not about splitting ukhuwwah.

Nay, it is not about i am superior over you.

But yes, it is about Allah’s blessing that i see other side of it, while you see the others.

Yes, it is about i am doing one of the pillars, while you maybe perfecting the foundations and concrete.

Yes, it is about the nice, gigantic yet fabulous palace that we are building currently.

Yes, it is about understanding that we are only contractors to Allah. And we will be rewarded by HIM based on the work that we do.

So, if you or me, while doing our task and still have time to throw sand to each other’s faces, i think we have problem because the Guardian, Lord of the World is watching every single thing that we do.

So, if you are claiming all the unnecessary claims while bombarding others with fitna, you just slow down the work progress! After all, we want this palace to be completed and we can live happily in it.

So, are we doing enough to critise others?



  1. cmne bisnes? huhu

  2. some people tend to argue about so many things. mostly, unnecessary things…

    thinking rationally, we should remind them back what is the thing that is needed to be done in the first place, instead of arguing…

    good reminder brother.

    Dan tahniah atas kurniaan Allah kepada antum. Perhaps, a lil bit of sharing of our new family member? 🙂

    • yes, i already posted. TQ. Cant wait to see you again.

  3. tahniah.melahirkan mujahid.(padahal bole post comment kat post ibrahim tu)..

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