Posted by: ameersyuhada | Disember 20, 2009

Jihad Volley

Salam, Peace be upon me and you.

It is probably small and negligible to most of us. Yet, it is a big thing to me.

What is it? It is the volleyball games. From Saturday’s KASBI 09.

Wonder why? Because i always believe a piece of seconds in our lives is written in the Qadr of Allah, and we have to believe that Allah plan the best for us. So, for every second of our life, did we ever think that it is significant? Do we do the best? Do we benefit from it? Or is it JUST A GAME? Did we waste our life.

The moment we spent, is what makes us, today and tomorrow. If we are not serious, then we waste our life. We are not that kafirun who think this life is just a playground.

Being an underdog, where most of the team players dont know how to dig the ball initially (digging is the most basic thing in volleyball), requires ambition, vision, believe and faith. It is the manifestation of these factors that justify the success.

What happens in volleyball games, although it appears small to lotsa ppl, but always change the way i see ppl and myself.

It is a challenge in the way how do you want to motivate, inspire, mobilise ppl to achieve beyond the limit, how do they conquer the FEAR, and how they manage success.

It is a challenge in the way ppl see about themselves, to convince them that they are not the product of other ppl’s perception, but instead their own perception. For instance, if ppl keep on labelling that you are an underdog team, then you have to disbelieve it. We are not underdog, we are the champion!

It is a challenge to overcome a person who came to you and said, “Cmon, IT IS JUST A GAME. RELAX!”
And how should we respond? “I can relax but it is not just a game. It is my dignity.”

Well, you see if you cant get serious in JUST A GAME, you cannot be serious in other big thing.



  1. Fuhh… Abang alwi nih mmg slalu ker terpikir sampai tahap2 camnih.. macam saye bersukan gak, serius pon agak jugak.. tapi tak terpikir sampai tahap nih.. heheh… nway, nc artikel..

  2. kalau masuk tournament camni la…kalau main biasa2, biasa jer..

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