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Kobanna : A New Paradigm for Muslim Ummah

The hall was packed. The upper hall was almost packed. That was the view of yesterday’s Kobanna, organised by Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia at Dewan Seri Sarjana, UNITEN, Putrajaya.

Kobanna mengumpul lebih 3000 peserta!

Being in the Media Team, we are the frontline of the organization. This time in order to promote reading and thinking culture in our Muslim Ummah, the Media ISMA team had compiled the writings and idea of Tn Hj Aminuddin Yahaya, Secretary General of ISMA about issues and happenings that surrounded Muslim Ummah in 2009.

The book titled “2009 Dalam Liku Perjuangan” promotes unique perspective in analyzing the issue and the impact on Malay Muslim in Malaysia. It describes and discusses well about various things from Foreign Politics, Malaysian Politics, Sosio-economy and also the Islamic issues within Malay Muslim community.


For the sake of promoting reading and thinking culture and provide fresh ideas regarding Malay Muslim issue and the solutions, this book is priced at RM10 only!!! Way too cheap for a good book.

The convention was like a family event, from the oldest generation and younger generation who enjoyed much with the exhibition and the booth. While the audience inside the hall was really concentrating on the paper presentation.

Quite heavy topics in my opinion, where the audience was served with mind boggling, hard-to-digest, eye-opening issues and discussed openly with factual and text based researches. The topic presented were as follows:

1) Hasan Al Banna and the Western : The clash of two ideologies
2) The view of Hasan Al Banna in Ummah Development and Its Implementation in Malaysia
3) Assessing Local Political Scenario from Maqasid Syarak (the objective of Islamic law)

A very good food for good mind. Not easy to digest for the high carb food of course. :). But the high carb give us the HIGHEST ENERGY.

Another thing for MEDIA TEAM was the Hasan Al Banna Documentary CD was sold out!!! Thank you everyone for being so knowledge-hungry and indeed this is a good sign of Muslim Ummah!



  1. tahniah isma menganjurkan program spt ini…

  2. Congratulations. Alhamdulillah. We make du’a that there will be more of these events in the future. AllahuAkbar!

  3. lesson learned;

    may Allah grant us His guidance,Ameen

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