Posted by: ameersyuhada | Februari 18, 2010

Good Readings

Salam. Just a few updates on current life.

1) I will be outstation to Sarawak next week. It will be limited to access Internet/or more time to ponder bumi Allah.

2) Heard a verrryy good ceramah yesterday at Surau Pinggiran USJ. The topic was about Sirah Nabi saw, commemorating the birthday of Rasulullah saw. And i found that ustaz was a well known ustaz, written a few books and novels. He writes on his blog ibrahsejarah. I do think he and I have a few things in common. Love history, appreciate history, understand history, love books, love to talk (good things), motivational/self help oriented etc. His ceramah just made my day yesterday, as i was not really interested to listen to ceramahs in Surau because of the ceramahs.

3) Got a good quotes today, from Addin.

“first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

Mahatma Gandhi

4) Finished reading “Who Moved My Cheese”. A short book, finished in less than one hour. A+. It is about positivism, mindset changing, rationalism and so on, written in a subtle, direct and yet enjoyable.

5) I will allocate time to write an article titled “Qiamullail: Praktik Rasulullah saw, sahabat, tabi’in dan tokoh2 Islam”

6)Nice read on Malay Muslim

thats all for today.


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