Posted by: ameersyuhada | April 16, 2010

Of TV and Astro..

It’s been a long time since my university years 2003 till now that i watched tv. Very infrequent.

But now i experience the crisis. Of putting a tv inside my own house.

I am not going to watch it. My wife is not going to watch it. So do Ibrahim, i wont let him watch it.

It stems out from a few reasons. First, my mom wont stay long in my house because she has nothing to do. And TV is the only thing that can save ppl from bored to death.

My other mom gave us a used tv. She offered. We accepted. For nearly 2-3 months, the tv was in my house without being turned on.

I bought an aerial to make the tv working. To my surprise, the reception is very bad. Do we need to get Astro disk and Astro subscription?

I dont want it.



  1. you just need an EE persoin to make the reception better

  2. they are nor our teachers – says umar mukhtar

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