Posted by: ameersyuhada | Disember 28, 2010

Rich and religious

‘Rich and religious’ is not an oxymoron.
It is also not a paradoxical statement.
But it was found in the true spirit of Islam.
It is an easy concept of zuhud, like M&M, but a satire version,
Melt in your hand, not in your heart.

But one must know and cautious,
That the priority it goes into,
Not to the pocket or the nafs,
Not to build a palace or a warehouse,
But to the Nation, to the Ummah,
Who require it so much…

Who bought Bilal for the Ummah?
Who bought the highly required Jewish well for masjid an nabawi?
Who gave a caravan of goods to the Muslim army from the first camel to the last?
Who are in the 10 promised to heaven’s list?

Answer me who is Imam Malik and Imam Abu Hanifah?
Aren’t they the wealthy, the traders, the entrepreneur!

Our beloved Rasulullah herd goats and sheeps when he was young,
And he went to bilad as Syam for trading, indeed he is the best trader.

And Allah said,
‘even though Allah has made bai’ (buying and selling) lawful and the interest unlawful’
Who will prosper the lawful action against the unlawful?
We do it, although a little..

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