Posted by: ameersyuhada | April 22, 2010

of Parking Fine and Dignity

I learnt a very good lesson today.

I went to the bank in the afternoon, the traffic was not so good with lots of cars and full parking lots. After a few rounds to search for parking spots,  and practising Islamic Law of Attraction, finally i got one spot. Alhamdulillah.

But this was a paid parking spot. 50 cents per hour. Quite cheap. I searched my pockets for coins, none. I searched the entire car, none. The parking pay machine was quite a distance, and only accept coins.

That was the time that i did the biggest mistake, contradicted to my value and my principles. I looked around the neighbouring parked cars. They did not show the parking tickets on the dashboard, means that they did not pay. This place was quite  busy, and you know, i just wanted to go to the bank for less than 15 minutes transaction. I excused myself for not paying, and strenghten by the judgement that the other cars probably parked there for hours and did not been fined.

I went to the bank to fulfill my job. 15 minutes i went back to the car. There was a parking fine ticket, put between the wiper and the windscreen. The same happened to the other cars.

I was fined RM30 for not showing/paying parking fee. I was fined because my mistake. My mistake is to follow other people. Other people doing the wrong things and i followed them.

I regretted this event. It was a strong blow for me. Since when did i ignore the blessing of imans and guidance that Allah has given me, the understanding of Islam? Since when did Islam teach me to blindly follow people, and the worst thing was to blindly follow the WRONG things that people committed? Since when did the tarbiyyah that i have undergone through many years mold me to be regulation-elusive person?

Alhamdulillah, with this event many lesson has been learnt, to make me more cautious in future.


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