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It has been a few days since last entry and a lot of things happened between that. Ausis raya celebration was great, despite some last-minute actions. The day before that gathering was my life planning visit. Certainly, without any doubt, it upsets me. Really, really upset me. Why? Because my plan wasn’t considered and i felt all my hardworks were not appreciated. Above all, never give up with Allah’s mercy. Those who give up with Allah’s mercy is only the kuffar.

Again, i would not propose something if i know i couldnt do it. On my side, everything was ready. It just need an approval. Yet that was the only thing i failed to get. May Allah bless me with what He plans for me.

Another thing worth to mention is, i managed to get a CD of Quran recitation by Adik Muhammad al-Hafiz. The CD says he is the recitor of TV9, i cant confirm it because i never watch TV9 ( i dont watch tv and my place is a remote area so we dont get access to various channels). But what made me bought the CD, because i accidentally watched the Wakaf Quran Program, in which that boy recited Quran so beautifully. And i expected the same quality in that CD. But it upset me, again.

Never give up. That is my principle i preach to everyone. Another one is never tell me that you are busy because whatever reasons you give, i just dont believe it. I am sorry but my intelligence doesnt allow me to.

Another. I have talked about Dr Tariq Suwaidan before in my Understanding the Muslim World entry. Lately i found a few of my friends promoted his talks about success in life on Youtube. I had a dial up internet, i frustrated. I went to CC and spent almost 3 hours to have it downloaded into my usb. I knew my waiting would benefit me. Because i know Dr Tariq for quite sometimes. I am glad my ikhwahs know how to get benefit from him. To all my friends, i strongly recommend you to watch his lecture The Future of Our Religion on youtube. It has 13 series, and please watch all of them. It is just another ISK for you of course but with a few valuable points. I guess it is time to throw away all the excessive nasheeds and start for serious learning media. Optimise Youtube this way. Again, please dont fall under unnecessary debates and fitnahs. I do not object any kind of entertainment, because even photography needs limitations.

Another. I need to brush up my engineering knowledge as i will be working very soon. It has been 5 months since the last day i memorized formulas. And i am afraid that i wouldnt be a good engineer. And i dont want to be one. I want to be a lecturer. A teacher at least.

Another. Talking about the Motivational Speech: Success in Life by Dr Tareq Suwaidan. He talked a lot of things that i want to do and to talk to people. Let me list them:

  • We make a lot of mistakes in life. We should share them.
  • Give up doing something you dont love. (I am about to do that but i am bonded with contracts)
  • Brilliant people dont benefit much with technical career. Be an orator, preacher.
  • He has strange memory. ( i do)
  • He loves history. (i do)
  • His faith is strengthened by his self discovery and research. ( i did the same thing)
  • He did what he believes is right. (although in jalan dakwah, i dont easily follow or imitate ppl, never taksub to anybody)
  • Take role models. (again, i agree. I took my motivation and charged my spirit by looking at ppl around me. I dont grade ppl. I follow whatever good example they have. I worship Allah not figures.)
  • He loves to talk. (no comment)

Another. I have read a few books from Amru Khaled. He is better than Dr Tariq (more famous i guess). But his books are undoubtedly interesting. He covered a few fundamental topics in life such as Change, Akhlak and Ibadah. It is like if i ever have the chance to write books, i will write the same way as he did. One, he does not care or bother much with furuiyyah debates (i hate alahkamdotnet). He points out the crucial understanding beneath everything we do. Like the akhlak and ibadah. “Ibadatul Mukmin” does not tell about virtues, but goals. For instance is the prayers. What are the reason behind it? I dont want to indulge myself with salaf and khalaf conflicts here but apart from knowing that it is ordered to pray, we need to know the juices of the prayers. Here i list a few of his books i have finished reading them and they are available in my collection if you wish to borrow.

  1. Semulia Akhlak Nabi (Akhlaqul Mukmin)>>A++<<
  2. Kunci Memahami Ibadah (Ibadatul Mukmin) >>awesome<<
  3. Belajar Hidup dari Hidup Rasulullah saw (Silsilah fi Zhilal Sirah an-Nabawiyyah) >>exceptional sirah reading<<
  4. Sabar dan Santun (As-Sobru wa az-Zuq) >>excellent<<
  5. Ghayyir Nafsaka: Ubahlah Dirimu (Hatta Yughayyiru Ma Bianfusihim) >>recommended<<

By the way, Dr Tariq and Amr Khaled are ikhwans. 🙂



  1. btw, what is life planning visit?

  2. it is life planning visit.

  3. Where do u buy those books?

  4. Where did* u buy those books?

  5. it is only available in indonesian languange. so you can find it in indonesian bookstore in indonesia or malaysia. (pustaka indo or fajar ilmu baru, pustaka rezeki harapan, wisma yakin etc).

    alternatively if you want to read in english you can browse Select languange tab on your left. English version of the web has many translation of his books. Pick which one you like. That is why i put the arabic title as well so that you can figure out which book which. The english translation of his books or lectures are just satisfactory, (in terms of words used and style). That is why i dont really interested in that translations.

  6. Are you ikhwan? 🙂

    Just visiting. Hope everything is well perceived despite of some (major) hiccups. Allah knows best.

    Missing you, and all the brothers back there. Take care. See you soon.

    (sambung study)

  7. Am I? You judge. I will not elaborate here because i fear some misunderstandings will prevail someday.

    Glad to hear from you. I miss you guys too.

    “terkadang telinga merasa rindu sebelum mata menyaksi”

  8. asif jiddan2…baru terbace SEMUA entry enta…kalau org kat sini nak pinjam mcmane? ade online?…=P

  9. la ba’sa…baca semua ker? malu la pulak..hehe…lame x jumpe..mase balik aritu pun x jumpe..sok mengurung kat “gua franklin”..

    orang sane nak pinjam boleh tapi orang sana kena datang kat sini. online ade tp english la. 😉

  10. an Egyptian friend of mine who knew Amr Khaled personally told me that he isn’t ikhwan.

    Well, i’m not so sure about to believe in that or not as she herself isn’t an ikhwan member..

    btw, wud like to apologise for bringing this (cud be not so important) issue up

  11. “Well, i’m not so sure about to believe in that or not as she herself isn’t an ikhwan member..”

    and that disapprove her statement. who knows better?

  12. saya boleh mangaku saya ikhwan..

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